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About OptMD
The Industry's Premier Solution for Online Campaign Management and Advertisement Delivery
OptMD is a breakthrough in campaign delivery technology. Its sophisticated design and real-time operating model enable rapid campaign deployment, second-by-second performance reporting, and dynamic campaign optimization. A key characteristic of this powerful technology is its ability to intelligently decide which ads to place on which sites and in which locations to maximize viewer relevance. The system refines its placement strategy in real-time to ensure that media dollars are used to their maximum potential.

OptMD is trusted by fortune 500 corporations to deliver exceptionally high levels of both performance and reliability.

Platform Highlights

  • Functionality: supports the end-to-end business requirements of all industry constituents including advertisers, agencies and web publishers
  • Efficiency: expansive network architecture spread throughout datacenters across the globe is a key contributor to the platform's real-time operating capability
  • Reliability: highly redundant server architecture ensures that the system is always online
  • Targeting: sophisticated user and content targeting capabilities include everything from global geographic targeting to bandwidth targeting
  • Performance tracking: intelligent tracking modules monitor and record a multitude of strategic campaign and user performance metrics in split-second intervals
  • Optimization: the platform's real-time audience intelligence module feeds data directly into its ad placement decision logic center to ensure campaigns are always placed in optimal locations across the network
  • Rich media and streaming video: the platform supports enhanced rich media and streaming video creative served by approved 3rd parties, including expandable formats
IABInteractive Advertising Bureau

The IAB educates marketers, agencies, media companies and the wider business community about the value of interactive advertising. Working with its member companies, the IAB evaluates and recommends industry standards and practices.
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